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Turkey Online Master Class: Storytelling in the News (December 7, 2023)

Are you eager to foster innovation and explore fresh narrative formats? Join us for a presentation from Selymar Colón, where she will unveil a plethora of pragmatic inquiries, creative formats, and approaches to enhance the art of storytelling. Delve into the intricacies of tailoring your narrative, aligning it seamlessly with the unique blend of your […]

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IPI 2023 Media Symposium to take place in Istanbul

Organized by the International Press Institute (IPI) Turkey National Committee and co-hosted by Galatasaray University on its campus in Istanbul on November 24, 2023, IPI’s third annual Turkey Media Symposium entitled “AI and Media: Navigating the Revolution” will bring together a new generation of young journalists and journalism students from across Turkey with international and local experts as well as […]

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Online violence targeting women journalists and responses from the news organizations: Current methods and needs

The increase in the use of social media on a global scale continues to change and transform our relationship with the news. While local, national, and international news organizations continue to operate into new social media platforms/tools gradually, journalists at the same time are building different news flows for their audiences through their own social […]

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Podcast Journalism in Turkey: Who Should Do It? Why Won’t They Do It?

“Who is Turkey’s foremost journalist?” Although we don’t have a common answer to this question, when we encounter it, several names quickly spring to mind, shaped by our considerations across diverse criteria. Similarly, when posed with the inquiry about the preeminent journalist in utilizing social media or maintaining an influential YouTube channel, we may come […]

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