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Freedom Dialogues Turkey: The EU-Turkey relations and Turkey’s freedom of expression crisis

Also available on: The sixth episode of IPI’s podcast series IPI Freedom Dialogues: Turkey is out now! In the sixth episode of IPI Freedom Dialogues: Turkey podcast, host Cansu Çamlıbel and her guest Sergey Lagodinsky, member of the EU Parliament (Greens/EFA) and the chairman of the delegation to the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee on Legal […]

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IPI Webinar (Sept 30): “Supporting Press Freedom in Turkey under the German EU Presidency”

IPI is hosting a webinar on September 30 as part of its series on press freedom in Turkey co-hosted by the IPI National committees in Germany and Turkey. Four years since the failed coup sparked Turkey’s crackdown on the media, 77 journalists remain behind bars. While this is down from a peak of 170, Turkey […]

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UPDATE: Turkey court rules Can Dündar a “fugitive”, moves to seize assets

UPDATE: A court in Turkey has declared editor Can Dündar a “fugitive”, paying the way for his assets and property to be seized. “IPI condemns this serious and appalling escalation of Turkey’s harassment of Can Dündar, who is now in Germany, and his family”, IPI Deputy Director Scott Griffen said. The International Press Institute (IPI) […]

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IPI WoCo Webinar (Sept 23): “Turkey’s Journalism Outlives the Suppression: Looking Ahead to Turkey’s 2023 Centenary”

As part of this year’s World Congress, “Reimagining Journalism with 2020 Vision”, IPI is hosting a webinar on Turkey, how its journalists survive and defy government suppression and continue to produce independent, quality journalism as the Republic prepares to mark its first centenary in 2023. The country’s leading journalists joined by academic experts will explore […]

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