Turkey Dispatches is a special series on press freedom and the realities of practising journalism in today’s Turkey, written by those most directly affected: Turkey-based journalists.

The serious business of satire in Turkey

By JENNIFER HATTAM / Political climate generates both inspiration and anxiety for cartoonists and other humourists

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Analysis: Turkish Constitutional Court’s inconsistent stance on press freedom

By HÜRREM SÖNMEZ / Recent contradictory decisions show court’s approach not always in favour of journalists’ rights

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Young Turkish journalists get ready for comeback

By EMRE KIZILKAYA / New network aims to empower Turkey’s journalism graduates

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The Press: Democracy’s Broken Wing

By MURAT SEVİNÇ / Press trials not as a purely judicial matter, but as part of an integral political problem

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An ironic tale of press freedom: Turkey

By PELİN ÜNKER / “There are a few journalists who can speak to the truth, but no one wants to hear them.”

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