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The eighth episode of IPI’s podcast series IPI Freedom Dialogues: Turkey is out now!

In the eighth episode of IPI Freedom Dialogues: Turkey podcast, host Cansu Çamlıbel and her guest Barbara Trionfi, International Press Institute executive director, discussed the issue of impunity to mark November 2, International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists.

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This important day was launched to commemorate the death of hundreds of journalists who have been targeted, killed for doing their work, and to raise awareness about the fact that in 90 percent of journalists killings the perpetrators go unpunished. The day was chosen in memory of the assassination of two French journalists in Mali on November 2, 2013.

In this episode, Trionfi highlighted the value of this day, which was instituted by UNESCO together with a group of international organizations and press freedom groups including IPI. She explained how a day devoted to this cause can bring change as well as the role of this group of organisations in fighting impunity, which is an effective tool to silence journalists.

Trionfi underlined the need for serious efforts to end impunity for crimes against journalists, highlighting unsolved cases of  journalists murdered all around the world. These include Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, Slovak journalist Ján Kuciak and Ghanaian journalist Ahmed Hussein, who were murdered because they were investigating corruption, and revealing wrongdoing in their country.

Topics covered in the podcast include:

  • What International Day to End Impunity stands for and its importance in fighting crimes aginst the press
  • Unsolved cases of journalist killings

Highlights from the episode (Barbara Trionfi):

  • “This day and this resolution are there to raise awareness about those governments whose judicial system does not function as it should, and to increase the pressure.”
  • “The cases of Daphne and Jan took place within the EU and in countries where there are a number of institutions that ensure that the rule of law exists. In the case of Ahmed Hussein, the impunity just remains forever.”
  • “IPI nominated Hrant Dink as World Press Freedom Heroe in 2007, precisely to keep the spotlight on this case and try to push for investigation and make sure whoever ordered this killing also is punished.”
  • “Two years after that the murder of Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia is hosting the G20 later this year. Impunity has reached the level of international relations.”

About IPI Freedom Dialogues: Turkey

The International Press Institute (IPI) is proud to launch the new podcast series IPI Freedom Dialogues: Turkey, a platform for timely, vital conversations on press freedom, freedom of expression and the future of quality journalism. You’ll get the inside story from some of Turkey’s most trusted editors, journalists and relevant experts as they analyse and shed light on key journalism-related issues in Turkey for both local and international audiences. Episodes will be available in both English and Turkish.

As independent journalism in Turkey faces massive repression, its practitioners are fighting to keep the public informed and reinvent the profession to face the challenges to come. Hear from the experts.

IPI Freedom Dialogues: Turkey is hosted by Cansu Çamlıbel, editor-in-chief of the popular English language news site Duvar English and a member of IPI’s Turkey National Committee. Before joining Duvar, Çamlıbel was the U.S. correspondent of Hürriyet Daily News.