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Turkish broadcasters fined for reporting on wildfires

The IPI global network today condemned sanctions imposed by Turkey’s Radio and Television High Council (RTÜK) on six television channels – KRT, Fox TV, Haber Türk, Halk TV, TELE 1 and TR 35 – in response to the channels’ coverage of the most recent wildfires in southwestern Turkey. The sanctions were imposed during a meeting […]

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IPI Interview: Turkey’s broadcaster regulator targets independent media

New data on fines handed down by Turkey’s Radio and Television High Council (RTÜK) confirms that the regulator continues to disproportionately target critical and independent television broadcasters. The fines are a growing problem for media freedom in Turkey and clear example of regulatory capture. The data were provided to media by İlhan Taşçı, a member […]

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Turkey: Halk TV reporters attacked during live coverage of wildfires

The IPI global network condemned an attack on the live broadcast of Halk TV journalist Gökmen Karadağ in the early hours of August 6 as Karadağ was reporting from Marmaris, a city on Turkey’s southwestern coast where wildfires are currently raging. Shortly after midnight on August 6, a group of assailants targeted the broadcast, which […]

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Turkey: Journalists beaten with iron rods while covering protest over Kurdish murders

The IPI global network today condemned the physical assaults against several journalists in Istanbul covering protests against the murder of a Kurdish family. IPI calls on the Turkish authorities to hold those responsible to account and ensure journalist safety. On July 31, a group of assailants, using iron rods, attacked reporters Derya Saadet and Ceylan […]

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