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The lawyer defending Turkish journalists at Europe’s top rights court

The job of defending persecuted journalists in Turkey is a tough one. Over the last few years, hundreds of journalists have been detained and imprisoned as part of a widespread crackdown by the government on critical voices. Captured courts and pro-government judges mean the Turkish judicial system often offers little hope of a fair hearing. […]

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Turkey: Global call to lift public ad ban on independent newspaper Evrensel

In a letter addressed to Ridvan Duran, the general director of BIK, the authority in Turkey responsible for the distribution of state advertising, 24 press freedom and freedom of expression groups from Europe and Turkey today called for the immediate end to the public advertising ban that has been imposed on the independent newspaper Evrensel […]

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Only questions that please, please

By NEVŞİN MENGÜ / Normally, being a politician means having to reply to journalists’ questions. President Erdoğan thinks otherwise.

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Turbulent times: Turkey and European Court of Human Rights

In the last three decades, no other country has seen more applications to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) than Turkey. Since 1989, when the government recognized the Court’s jurisdiction, the Court has received more than 30,000 submissions, ranging from allegations of torture to discrimination and wrongful imprisonment. Many of these applications have involved […]

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