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WhatsApp groups: Another side to censorship in Turkey

By ÇINAR LİVANE ÖZER / Only pre-approved questions welcomed at government press conferences

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Northern Cypriot journalists targeted by Turkish authorities

On July 31, 2018, the director and editor-in-chief of Afrika, an independent political newspaper in Northern Cyprus, were surprised by a knock on the door from Northern Cypriot police, asking them to respond to a case filed against the paper by Turkish prosecutors in Ankara. Editor-in-Chief Şener Levent and the Director Ali Osman Tabak are […]

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Analysis: Use of courtroom video link violates Turkey journalists’ rights

By VEYSEL OK / Technical failures exacerbate questions of fair trial raised by SEGBİS system

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Trials of Kurdish journalists share same hallmark violations

By NIMET ÖLMEZ / Reporters held hundreds of miles from trial location, denied right to appear before judge in person

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