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In final hearing, Mehmet Altan decries rule of law breakdown in Turkey

Türkçe için tıklayınız. Turkish academic and journalist Mehmet Altan and his brother, author Ahmet Altan, are among seven writers and journalists facing a final hearing this week on terrorism charges for allegedly having played a role in the failed coup of July 15, 2016. The Altan brothers are accused of having given “subliminal messages” on […]

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Turkey court extends detentions in Cumhuriyet trial

The International Press Institute (IPI) blasted yesterday’s court ruling in Turkey extending the detention of five Cumhuriyet journalists, executives and staff another two weeks, and renewed calls for their release. Judges in a courtroom inside the high-security Silivri prison complex on the outskirts of Istanbul, where four of the five have been held since last […]

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IPI to monitor Sept 11 proceedings in Cumhuriyet trial

Representatives of the International Press Institute (IPI) will be in Turkey again this week to monitor proceedings in the trial targeting journalists and executives from independent daily newspaper Cumhuriyet on accusations that its reporting lent support to terrorists.  

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#MemberComment: the Cumhuriyet trial and Turkey’s criminalisation of journalism

The week of July 24, we witnessed the start of one of the most ridiculous trials of all time. It was the first hearing of the Cumhuriyet case, which, by the end of the week, led to the release of seven imprisoned employees of the daily. But Cumhuriyet Editor-in-Chief Murat Sabuncu, IPI Executive Board Member […]

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