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‘The admiralship is sinking’: Mass layoffs next blow to Turkey’s mainstream media

On October 30, some 45 journalists were dismissed without notice from the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet, which had held the title of the largest print newspaper in circulation in Turkey for decades. The dismissals marked a continued upheaval at the newspaper, which was formerly owned by the independent Doğan Media Group but was sold to a […]

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Four stories of Turkish journalism surviving under extraordinary circumstances

By MEHVEŞ EVİN / Independent media share how they manage to carry on amid government repression

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Blog: Turkey’s release of Kurdish journalist highlights rule of law concerns

The release last month of Turkish-Kurdish journalist Idris Sayılğan, after more than 1,000 days in prison, was a joyous moment. But the timing of the release raises – once more – questions about political influence over Turkey’s judiciary, coming just as the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) is examining Sayilgan’s case in what could […]

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Turkey Trial Monitoring Blog: One day inside Istanbul’s Justice Palace

On November 28, an International Press Institute (IPI) delegation spent a day in Istanbul’s Justice Palace to monitor four different journalists’ trials. The cases reflected the breadth of Turkey’s ongoing crackdown on the press. Trial in absentia Our first court hearing was due to start at 9.05 against Can Dündar, former editor of the secular […]

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